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About Guide Dogs London: Our Vision: We want a society in which blind and partially-sighted people enjoy the same freedom of movement as everyone else. Our Purpose: We will deliver the guide dog service and other mobility services, as well as breaking down barriers - both physical and legal - to enable people who are blind and partially-sighted to get around on their own.

We are looking for volunteer PUPPY WALKERS.

Puppy walking is an essential element in the development of a future guide dog. A volunteer puppy walker takes a puppy of about 6 weeks old into their home and develops it for their first year of life. It takes a lot of time, commitment and love but the end result is a very special animal.

You must be at least 18 years of age to be a puppy walker.  Feeding, training and caring for a puppy's daily needs is time consuming. When very young, puppies cannot be left on their own for extended periods of time. Our guideline is 3 hours maximum. Will you be able to commit the time required for this?


The puppy will need exposure to busy town conditions on a regular basis: shops, traffic, crowds.  It will also need to be familiarised with car travel and public transport. Would you be able to provide this experience?

You need to have a suitable area in your home to accomodate the puppy with easy access to a hard surfaced or gravel toileting area.

You will receive support throughout the process from a Puppy Walking Supervisor.  They will visit regularly to check on progress, give practical advice and assist with any difficulties you may encounter.


Minimum age: 18 years

Any current pets must be of a suitable temperament for the puppy.

This role is not suitable for for full time workers.

You must be willing to adhere to the training instructions set by supervisors or this could impact on the puppy's future training as a Guide Dog.

This opportunity is currently only available in the following postcodes:




E10 and 11









SE2, 6, 9, 12



Please DO NOT apply if you live elsewhere as we will not be able to accept you.

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