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Our Vision:

 …a world where the development of empathy is routinely used to promote positive social change for the most disadvantaged in society. All people in society are engaged, supported and heard equally”

We support vulnerable children and their workers to develop strong and trusted relationships, improve emotional health and well-being, and to work together to transform services for children in need.
Peer Power staff have experience of these support services, resulting in accelerated empathy and engagement with this group of ‘hard to reach’ children and young people.
Peer Power has been developed in response to what this group of young people have said would make a difference, and its work falls into three strands:
1. Relationships: promoting empathy, understanding of life stories and development of consistent, trusted relationships.
2. Involvement: promoting and demonstrating young people’s meaningful involvement in services at an individual and policy level.
3. Employment: providing supported employment and opening up career routes for people with lived experience of support services

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Peer Power

Anne-Marie Douglas
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