Description & History

The mission of Jumping Beans

is early intervention and prevention, encouraging children to be active, to make and eat well balanced foods and to maintain healthy bodies.


We are devoted to the children's physical, emotional & social development & behaviour. 


Our age groups - 5 to 11 years


Our aims:

  • Early intervention which leads to prevention.  We aim to tackle childhood obesity and promote well-being.
  • Encouraging a healthier lifestyle for children by teaching, helping , supporting and encouraging our children in living a fun and happy childhood and also to be able to live a long and healthy life.

How do we do this?

We run sessions and events that cover a wide range of activities.  These sessions are designed to build children's confidence and encourage and teach them how to be responsible, respectful and independent children who will go on to lead positive life's by making positive choices. 

Our activities:

  • Cook and baking
  • Exercising and sports and games.
  • We run sessions which include all and any kinds of sports from Aerobics, street dance, circuit.
  • Weather permitting we will include swimming and park games.
  • We will also be using bikes, scooters etc for when we go to the park or field trips.  
  • We run family and community events which bring people together in a social, positive environment.
  • Arts and crafts sessions.

The benefits of our sessions:

  • They fill a gap for affordable provision for this age group.
  • They encourage children to eat more than 7-a-day fruit and vegetables.
  • Our lesson plans teach children where food comes from and what it does for the body; this in turn increases social skills, cooking skills, team work and making new friends.
  • Encourages making friends from different areas  which provides early intervention to prevent future involvement with ABS & Gang activity (and, therefore, break post code wars).
  • Teaches parents about affordable healthy food options.
  • Provides children with physical activity to prevent obesity and improve fitness and coordination. 


Come and be a part of our wonderful and caring team! Take a look at our volunteer roles.


We are looking for volunteers who can join and help nurture this expanding business and the children we care for.  Could you:

  • Mentor children and support our activity sessions.
  • Could join our team and contribute in other areas?
  • Do you have experience and knowledge in creating learning and activity events for children?
  • Can you join our team and be committed to the group and the children? 
  • Do you love to have fun, we do and we want to show and teach our children how to have fun too.
  • Do you want to help build the future generation to be positive, productive and successful?

Who are we supporting:

Some of our children come from deprived back grounds, cared for by single parents or working parents and most are on a low income which can therefore put them on the poverty line.



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