Description & History

The Ethiopian Women Empowerment Group is a registered charity (1120326).  Our office is based at the Latymer Community Centre, providing services for women and their families from the Ethiopian, Moroccan, Egyptian, Eritrean, Somalia and Asian community.
90% of our clients live in the poorest wards of North Kensington with a high refugee and migrant community.  70% of residents live in social rented housing and a significant number of our clients lived in Grenfell tower, situated just behind our office building.
We are the only BAMER women’s organisation working in this area, therefore our services are vital for women from these communities.  We empower them to access existing opportunities by providing information, individual advocacy, language interpretation, matching the women with trained volunteer mentors and facilitating group work to combat isolation. Our services help them to gain independence, education and employment, and access to mainstream services.
Our services are provided to over 450 women from North Kensington, who are isolated due to language and cultural barriers as well as domestic violence, have poor health due to poor diet, low level of physical activity, not accessing NHS services, are confronted with anxiety, depression or other mental health issues.
They need us to improve their health, became more active in their community, speak about their problems and address them, develop a support network, improve their parenting skills, improve their employment and independent life skills.
Therefore, our service offer is being developed in partnership with our clients and has been built on many years of experience in working with our community. Weekly we run:
-      coffee morning sessions facilitating the contact between people,
-      exercise classes such as Zumba
-      health promotion workshops championing health awareness, encouraging people to access cancer screen services provided by NHS and other medical services
-      a cancer support group for people and families affected by cancer
-      group and individual counselling sessions

About the organisation

Ethiopian Women's Empowerment Group

Senait Eyob
Managing Director
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