Description & History

Together we will inspire and deliver innovative palliative and end of life care to help patients, families and carers feel better, do more, and cope with death and dying.

Our mission

Princess Alice Hospice is here to provide free, holistic palliative care for patients with advanced illness and those approaching the end of their lives We aim to enable all patients to have the best possible quality of life to the end, responding quickly to their needs and wishes.

We recognise that family, carers and friends have needs of their own and we are here to provide them with support, comfort and advice at every stage of illness and after death Through our education and research activities we also work to improve end of life care.

Founded by our local community, fundraising and community support are crucially important to our continued work as a charity

Our values

Our key principles are respect, compassion and knowledge. They help us to understand the unique needs of each patient and their family and carers, to remain responsive and caring and to ensure we remain a centre of excellence delivering high-quality care.

Our values help us uphold these principles in our day-to-day behaviour and in all the decisions we make. Our values can be summarised by the acronym:


Integrity - I will work openly and honestly I will treat everyone fairly

Compassion - I will show genuine interest in all those I come into contact with.  I will be kind and thoughtful towards my colleagues

Accountability - I will take responsibility for my decisions and actions. I will not blame others when I make a mistake

Respect - I will value others and recognise that giving great care depends on everyone doing their job whatever their role may be. I will value the diversity of others in both opinion and culture and not be rude or dismiss what I do not understand

Excellence - I will strive to learn, to improve and always do my best I will put the person I am helping at the centre of everything I do in order to deliver the best possible experience for them

About the organisation

Princess Alice Hospice

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