Description & History

The aims of IROKO Theatre Company are:

• To engage and educate people, particularly disadvantaged people from all backgrounds, cultures and abilities, on a variety of topics including education, health and heritage. Through the provision of resources, workshops and presentations using proven techniques in African Oral Storytelling, Drama, Music, Dance and Visual Arts, as a vehicle to make a positive difference in their lives.

• To educate, empower, motivate and at the same time, provide opportunities that are stimulating and fun for the benefit of the community.

• To reduce disadvantage and improve quality of life by helping people to recognise their value, play a more active role in society and achieve their fullest potential.

• To advance education and training through volunteering, work placement and Continuing Professional Development opportunities for people from different backgrounds and abilities.


About the organisation

IROKO Theatre Company

Alex Oma-Pius
Artistic Director
Carol Edozie
Projects Coordinator
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