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London is a much friendlier city when you have a Londoner by your side. London is one of the greatest and most potentially inclusive places on earth, but it has become two cities. For refugees and asylum seekers, it can be intimidating, lonely and isolating. HostNation wants to make London better by helping to open up this amazing city to all. It works with established refugee charities to match refugees with volunteer befrienders online in their area, to meet, chat and explore the city. Founded by Kentish Towner Anneke Elwes, whose life was transformed by befriending Abu from Sudan, it offers scope for the many Londoners who want to make a difference to do so on a personal level. 

We have 300 London befrienders registered on our site which shows that plenty of Londoners share our mission, but we are looking for more men to sign up and more Londoners who live further out – particularly in zones 3-6.

We are online and London-wide.  The address given is our registered charity address but does not reflect where we work.

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