Description & History


COFFEE & COMPUTERS is focused on enabling those with insufficient IT skills to engage with the modern communications environment. COFFEE & COMPUTERS started in Highgate and is now looking to start up other local groups in Haringey

COFFEE & COMPUTERS is predicated on a belief that the SKILLS it imparts

·      are RICH and vital tools

·      foster HUMAN contact (personal & virtual)

·      ENRICH lives

OUR MEETINGS  are LOCAL/COMMUNITY based and comprise:

·      Learners & Volunteers

·      A Group Introduction led by a Meeting Leader

·      Personal (One-to-One/Small Groups)

·      Social

·      Informal

·      Free

Though COFFEE & COMPUTERS offers a sociable environment, there is an inherent notion of GRADUATION from the group. Graduates will be encouraged to become Mentors and then Volunteers.

THE SHORT TERM VISION is to run 6 monthly meetings  in Haringey. [Achieved].

THE MEDIUM TERM VISION is to facilitate other Coffee & Computers start-ups. This will entail finding new leaders and helping them grow their own groups.

THE LONG TERM VISION is to grow beyond Haringey. 

About the organisation


Eric Wilton
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