Description & History

17-24-30 Not To Hate Crime Campaign is a national charity that was set up originally to remember the victims of the London nail bomb attacks in April 1999, the dates of 17th being the Brixton attack, 24th, the Brick Lane attack and the 30th the attack in Soho, giving rise to the charity’s name. These simple acts of remembrance have grown over the years to recognise subsequent hate crime attacks, such as the homophobically motivated murder of Ian Baynham in 2009, which saw the start of our London Vigils Against Hate Crime, the first of which attracted nearly 10,000 people.  The charity’s remit has further expanded in recent years to deliver the National Hate Crime Awareness Week held each October, the highlight of which is the Act of Hope and Remembrance at St Paul’s Cathedral in London.  This service brings together people from all walks of life to remember all victims of hate crime, including the more recent terror attacks in London and the rest of the UK.  The charity also works with other organisations and groups to promote Hate Crime Awareness, and works with local authorities, key partners and communities affected by hate crime across the UK. 

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Clizia Cataldo
Admin and engagement Volunteer Leader
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