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War Memorials Trust is the charity that works for the protection and conservation of war memorials across the UK.

There are estimated to be over 100,000 war memorials in the UK. Many of these are treasured, but sadly others are neglected and vandalised or left to suffer the effects of ageing and weathering. This is where War Memorials Trust comes in. We want to ensure each and every memorial is preserved and the memory of the individuals recorded, whether they be from past or present conflict, civilian or service personnel, remembered.


War Memorials Trust vision is to protect and conserve all war memorials within the UK.


War Memorials Trust works for the protection and conservation of war memorials within the UK to ensure they remain part of our communities forever. War memorials commemorate our shared past, an important part of our national culture.

War Memorials Trust seeks to cooperate with other organisations, at both national and local level, to safeguard better the future of war memorials in both their social and historical context.

War Memorials Trust is an independent registered charity and as such is dependent on voluntary income.


  1. To monitor the condition of war memorials and to encourage protection and conservation.

  2. To provide expert advice to those involved in war memorial projects, to act as the specialist organisation for war memorial conservation issues and to facilitate repair and conservation through grants schemes.

  3. To work with relevant organisations to encourage them to accept responsibility for war memorials and recognise the need to undertake repair and conservation work. 

  4. To build a greater understanding of war memorial heritage and raise awareness of the issues surrounding war memorial conservation.


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