Description & History

For Common Cause is a giving and volunteering site where everyone can donate skills, equipment and money to help underserved entrepreneurs build small businesses, livelihoods and financial independence.


For donors and volunteers, they can see the difference they make, it’s immediate and personal:

  • Connect personally with those who will benefit
  • Match your resources with real people and real need
  • Help people to help themselves
  • See the impact you make first-hand

By sourcing little contributions from lots of people, we create access to a wider array of resources that entrepreneurs can’t get anywhere else and tackle big challenges like poverty with better results.

It’s flexible. With micro-volunteering and micro-giving, anyone can give time or money in small amounts that fits their schedule, right from home.

Thousands of people experience homelessness, domestic violence and chronic health problems out of their control that knock them off track for years. For many, self-employment is the only way to manage their circumstances, meet their own needs and improve the lives of themselves and others.

We work with inspiring, committed entrepreneurs who are referred by local organisations that provide small business support. Most entrepreneurs are from socially excluded, minority or marginalised communities around the United Kingdom (UK).

Entrepreneurs must have experienced one of the following to qualify:

  • Council housing tenants
  • On benefits
  • Long-term unemployment (one year or more)
  • Chronic illness
  • Homelessness
  • Domestic violence

About the organisation

For Common Cause

Karen Snow
Executive Director
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