Team London and announce plans for new ‘speed’ volunteering platform

Team London today announced its plans for a new ‘speed’ volunteering and work platform in partnership with, at the ‘Volunteering 2020: Social Transformers’ event at Nesta today, the start of national Volunteers’ Week. 

The new site, to be launched in the autumn, will offer ‘speed’ volunteering opportunities enabling younger people to volunteer quickly and easily for up to 6 hours, finding out about these opportunities via text messages and social media.  Small organisations will be able to set up online communities of volunteers, who will be able to comment on and recommend opportunities to their friends via Facebook.  London’s 18-25 year olds will also be able to utilise their volunteering experience to help them get paid work.  The new platform will enable young people to build an online CV of their volunteering experiences, and use the skills they gain to access to paid work opportunities provided by London employers. Young Londoners will also be able to access thousands of volunteer opportunities posted by the capital’s volunteer centres through the new service which will form part of the Team London website and will launch in the autumn. 

Making it even easier to volunteer

Speaking about the new partnership, the Mayor said, ‘'Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity for young Londoners to learn invaluable new skills that will help set them up for life. We want to make it easier to get involved in volunteering, which is why I welcome Team London’s exciting new partnership with’

Team London’s new website will be powered by, the UK’s largest volunteering website, which connects over 250,000 people every month with communities that need their help. Do-it is owned by the charity ivo, who took it over from Youthnet in 2013, and the charity is currently redeveloping the service, which will also launch in the autumn. 

Helping young people enhance their skills

ivo’s CEO, Jamie Ward-Smith said, ‘We are thrilled to be working with Team London on this exciting new development for London’s youth.  It fits perfectly with our objective of helping volunteers to utilise their experience to enhance their career development and provides a great example of how the new Do-it platform can support joined up working and in turn boost the capacity of volunteering.’

Social Transformers in the first in a series of ‘Volunteering 2020’ events run by ivo to bring the sector together to explore new trends in social action.  Social Transformers is a Volunteers’ Week event to showcase innovative and new projects happening in the sector right now, to bring together experts with advice on how we can better attract the types of volunteers we are looking for and robust discussion on what we are doing well and what we might be able to do better, as a sector.


posted by NORMA RAYNES on June 10, 2014
Please tell me how my charity can be involved in this event and the platform
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