Team London Ambassadors warm up for summer 2013

This summer’s Team London Ambassadors are getting ready to welcome visitors to the capital, with refresher training kicking off at City Hall and locations around London.

The one-day programme is led by seasoned volunteer managers Steven Pettengell and Lisa Beavington, who played a key role in last year’s Team London Ambassadors programme. Steven and Lisa are being supported by a fantastic team of volunteer managers. 

The training is being delivered in partnership with the London Tourism Office, focusing on key events and cultural programmes taking place across London this summer. The emphasis of this year’s visitor welcome programme is in-depth, detailed knowledge of each location, with Ambassadors becoming experts on their chosen location.

Swotting up…

Over the past week, teams of Ambassadors (in their distinctive magenta T-shirts!) have been spotted swotting up at locations around London, including Covent Garden, the V&A and Gatwick Airport.

Here are just a few of the comments we’ve received so far:

"A great day training at City Hall/Covent Garden. Thank you to Lisa Beavington and Philip Campbell. Looking forward to starting my first shift on 27 July!"
Joanna Burnett, Team London Ambassador

"It was a great day and I enjoyed it too – I hope the summer is as great as today."
Dorian Joiner, Team London Ambassador

"Great day meeting and training Team London Ambassadors at City Hall and on location. I have a full time job and a life (and I do all of this as a fellow volunteer) but I would not have it any other way. I love being a Team London Ambassador manager - all of those eager, enthusiastic Ambassadors who are involved this summer make it all worthwhile."
Lisa Beavington, Team London Ambassadors Manager

About Team London Ambassadors

800 Team London Ambassadors will be volunteering at 11 locations around the capital from 27 July to 9 September. The Ambassadors will return to give the amazing welcome they become famous for during this year’s Games, at locations including the Tower of London, Covent Garden and Gatwick Airport.


posted by Janice Earl on July 10, 2013
I am supposed to be training on the 27 July but have heard nothing yet

posted by Sue Weaver on July 10, 2013
I wonder if you could tell me why there have been no volunteering opportunities at Heathrow (which was my main point of work last year)?

posted by Mike Tyrer MT 77406 on July 10, 2013
Along with several other ex Gamesmakers and Ambassadors I am volunteering at the Hyde Park BST Barclaycard event at the moment. However I was speaking to one of the Ambassador managers yesterday(forgot her name) but she was telling me that you are short of team leaders for the July/Sept period. I am coming up next week for my Trafalgar Square training day and would like you to consider me for such a role in future. Prior to retirement I managed a large staff in several roles with BT including Head of Internal Audit and Deputy Chief Accountant . Look forward to the training day on the 18th.

posted by Team London on July 10, 2013
Hi Janice - we have asked our Operations Team to give you a call ASAP to confirm. We sent out training details last week, but it sounds like the email wasn't delivered. Thanks, Team London.

posted by Team London on July 10, 2013
Sue, Heathrow Airport are organising their own welcome programme, so we weren't able to have Ambassadors based there this year. Thanks, Team London

posted by Team London on July 10, 2013
Hi Mike - thanks for your kind offer! We'll flag this up for our Operations team, who will be in touch if they are still short of location managers over this period. Thanks, Team London

posted by Sara Howe on July 11, 2013
I am volunteering at Trafalgar Square from the 8th August and am meant to be training at City Hall this Sunday (14th). When will I be receiving details of the training day?
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